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Rose Duplessy
Ms. Fowler

My Product
My product is a gift set for women containing body wash, body lotion, and two perfumes as oils: one for home in a 3.4 oz. bottle and a travel-size in a 0.34 fl. oz. bottle. The perfumes can also be purchased in singles: 3.4 oz. and 1.7 oz. The name of this product is Rose-Fleur by Rose. The function of this product is to give the sense of freshness and happiness to the customer. The fragrance of my products is made from a rare flower found in the forest of central Haiti near the Dominican Republic called “vetivert”. My team of chemists and I have found the perfect blend of this sweet-smelling flower and other natural ingredients to give the customer long-lasting freshness.
Mission Vision, Goals
My mission is to be the best selling fragrance. The goal for this product is to get it more widely known and used. I would get the use of celebrities, such as Sandra Bullock, to endorse and advertise my product. I would team up with stores like Macy’s to sell my product.
Target Market
My target demographic would be the upper class females in the age range of 35+. This range would better equipped to buy a more expansive brand such as mine.
Logo, Slogan, Colors, Positioning Statement
My logo would be a capital R with a leaf connected to the bottom and it stemming out. The leaf would represent the flower. And the color of the logo would be pink like the flower. This R would be encompassed in a circle. Upper class females, age 35+, who are looking for something new can get a more unique type of oiled perfume because of its more natural ingredients and a not-widely-known flower. The colors of my bottles would be would be a classic light pink and nude with a pump attached to the perfume bottles, but only for the 3.4 oz. and the 1.7 oz. bottle, the travel size bottle will only be cylinder shaped. The box for my products would contain the light pink and nude colors. The slogan would be “Déesse” meaning Goddess to let the customers know they are the elite.

Marketing Needs, Demographics, Trends
The market would be exclusively Macy’s since they would be my sole distributor. I have not distributed a needs assessment/survey but I have made samples for when customers buy other perfumes or colognes attached with a number to give feedback to. Also I have representatives in the stores passing out samples to customers so they can give the representatives the feedback. Our demographic would be upper class women in the 35 and up age range. Middle class females will still be able to buy this product but it will be more expansive for them. These type of women most likely go out for brunch, go to evening events, shop mostly at high end department stores, live in places like Boca Raton, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, etc. and like to travel. They are most likely a lover of shoes, clothes, and things extravagant. Perfumes and perfume sets are forever in style and something the high-end woman can’t live without.
Market Growth
Since my product is in-demand and I always have a large inventory, in the millions, I would have a large market because Macy’s would be the sole distributor and since Macy’s is all over the world, my product would be all over the world as well. I want my company to stay private and exclusive so I will not open it up to the market.
My competitors would be other name brand perfumes like Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Chanel, and many more. The position of my