Marketing Plan-Rehab Center for the Elderly Essay

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Marketing Plan for the Elderly Rehabilitation Center
21, May 2013
BA 350 Healthcare Marketing

Executive Summary The Center, located in an area with many elderly people, has to have the correct type of marketing for it to be successful. Getting to know the local population and all of the environmental, technological, and social, as well as many others, is a critical element in knowing how to prepare a marketing plan. Utilizing resources properly and evaluating the current and past situation will allow for a better future of The Center as well. This marketing plan lays out all of these factors to show how the next step in how The Center will be moving forward.
Situation Analysis
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SWOT Analysis
“The SWOT structure is layered with reporting and communication channels designed to provide a system of communication and accountability” within The Center (Judy N. Muthuri, 2009). With this system, internal Strengths and Weaknesses, and external Opportunities and Treats are examined and categorized. This will allow for the company to better understand what is going on internally and externally.
Internal Strengths The Center has many internal strengths, including up-to-date technology, the additional housing facility, some of the top physical therapists are located at this center, and management teams are highly trained and qualified before they are hired. Historically, The Center has been financially stable, without many discrepancies in regard to values and beliefs held by The Center and its employees. Recently, The Center has been awarded for its high level of customer service and was recognized as one of the top grossing rehabilitative centers in the South East.
Internal Weakness The main internal weakness The Center faces is cost. With the newest technology highly qualified staff and the new housing facility, the cost of running The Center has increased significantly over the past couple of years. Because The Center is fairly large in size, it takes a lot of financial and human resources to operate. Another weakness is being understaffed. Many employees are working extra hours