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Running head: Marketing Plan – Time Warner Cable

Marketing Plan – Cable – Time Warner Cable
Bonnie Bagby
BUS 620 – Managerial Marketing
Dr. Uchenna Nwabueze
August 30, 2010

The marketing plan for Time Warner Cable reviews the market conditions, including emerging technologies and competitors and provides a marketing plan with focus on maintaining current customers and adding new commercial customers by focusing on cloud offerings, teleconferencing and telemedicine.

Marketing Plan – Time Warner Cable
Executive Summary Time Warner Cable (Time Warner Cable), the second largest cable provider in the United States, continues to face stiff completion from the number one cable company Comcast and satellite pay-for-TV
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Satellite dishes are also banned by some housing associations for aesthetic reasons.
Description of Product or Service Time Warner offers exceptional broadband, internet and phone service with extremely limited service interruptions thanks to recent investments in technology and fiber optic networks. Time Warner offers access to Disney, Cartoon Network, PGA golf, NASCAR racing, Lifetime, Home Box Office, On Demand Home Box Office and a host of other high-profile popular network options.
Access to popular networks like Disney has created tension between Time Warner Cable and the consumer during contract negotiations. The popular networks are beginning to negotiate charges if Time Warner Cable wants to continue showing their product. The consumer loses, because rates increase to cover this increased operating expense. Time Warner Cable Media Sales offers national, regional and local companies affordable advertising solutions targeted to specific regions. The advertising dollars may be used to offset the usage fees from networks like Disney. Time Warner strengths include: ethnic show offerings (Gibbons, 2010), multi-room digital recorders, remote programming of digital recorders, the start-over viewing option, and day/date on demand movies. The start-over viewing option allows viewers who missed part of a show to press select and start the show over! In regions with a large Spanish speaking