Essay about Marketing Plan for Bosh Washing Machine

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Marketing Plan of Bosch Washing Mechine
1.0 Executive summary
2.0 The Company Background
3.0 Situation analysis
4.1 Industry analysis - Porters 5 forces
3.2 Macro environment analysis - PESTEL
3.3 S.W.O.T analysis
4.0 The marketing plan
4.1The company mission statement
4.2 The company Vision
4.3 Objectives
4.4 Strategies
4.5 Segmentation
4.6Target markets
4.7 Positioning strategy
5.0 Ansoff matrix
6.0 BCG matrix
7.0 Marketing mix
8.0 Implementation plan
9.0 Control mechanism
1.0 Executive summary
Bosch Group is the leading global supplier of technology and services ,in the area of automotive and industrial technology ,consumer goods and building technology. It is
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3.0 Situation analysis
4.1 Porters five forces analysis
The porters Five forces analysis helps the marketer to contrast a competitive environment. It has similarities with other tools for environmental audit, such as PESTEL analysis, but tends to focus on the single, stand alone, business or SBU (Strategic Business Unit) rather than a single product or range of products.
Five forces analysis looks at five key areas namely the threat of entry, the power of buyers, the power of suppliers, the threat of substitutes, and competitive rivalry to analyse the industrial competitiveness of Bosch group.
THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS | MEDIUM | 1. An established brand, Key player in white goods industry 2. BOSCH promotes development of innovative technologies and Invests heavily in R&D In regards to the uk and Eu energy saving policy. 3. Access to distribution channels 4. Capital requirements 5. Absolute cost advantage 6. Economies of scale 7. Loyalty due to longevity and high quality. Low buyer propensity 8. Economies of scope. B2B and B2C. 9. Slow industry growth 10. Proprietary learning curve |
RIVALRY AMONG EXISTING FIRMS | HIGH | 1. Due to slow market growth 2. Major Player, has a considerable market share in washing machine market. 3. Premium brand 4. Diverse design and performance. |