Essay about Marketing Plan for Dongfeng I-Car

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Fengshen brand is owned by Dongfeng Motor Corporation. As the milestones during the creative development of car business of Dongfeng, Fengshen initials the project of electric automobile so that this new product ‘I-car’ would support firm to reach global market. There is a market plan for Dongfeng’s move into America with ‘I-car’ as part of joint venture of PSA Peugeot-Citroen. A broad outline would be shown in terms of situation evaluation, SWOT analysis, marketing goal and objectives, marketing strategies.

Situation analysis

The internal environment
Winning glory for the motherland and setting up the dominance in international automotive market is the consistent ideal of Fengshen. In the first-five planning, firm
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1: Lack of government subsidies
Although the company gains a lot of support from its own country China, it is lack of government subsidies in the America market as a new entrant. Without the subsidies, the sales volume of icar in the first a few years may be inferior to the other competitors.

2: Geographic and culture diversity
Since geographic culture diversity between different markets, it is not easy for a standardized product to sell to an oversea market. Obviously, the propensity, lifestyle,communication forms and landform in the US is quite different from that of China, therefore, the icar may have a difficulty in pulling the American consumers’ heartstrings.

3: Lack of charging facilities
The electric car has fatal defect is that it is powered by the vehicle power and the battery power storage is too short, hence the car needs to charge frequently. The icar is a new entrant in the US automobile markets, hence it has not established enough charging facilities yet compared to the other competitors.


1: Income and life requirements improvement
With the development of economic growth, people’s income is increasing and they have more life requirements such as two cars in one family and smaller cars to deal with traffic. It is exactly the real time for icar to enter into the American market since numerous people have the willing to obsolete old cars and pursue a new technology outcome.

2: Environment awareness