Marketing Plan for Lidl Essay

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 History and Back Ground 3 Lidl Mission 5 Lidl Marketing Objectives 5 Current Situation 6 Situational Analysis 6 PESTEL Analysis 6 Porter Five Force Analysis 8 SWOT Analysis 9 Market segmentation 10 Product Mix 11 Product 11 Price 11 Place 12 Promotion 12 Branding 12 Implementing Marketing Strategy 12 Budgeting and Forecasting 14 Measure and control 14 Lidl measure and control mechanism 15 Risks and strategies 16 Operations and marketing integration 17 Supply chain management 17 Lidl supply chain 18 Quality 19 Capacity Planning 19 Conclusion 20 Appendix 20 1. Lidl Market Share Comparison 21 2. Lidl Advertising Split by media …show more content…
Lidl has launched a new online movie rental service in the UK. The service, which can be found at, offers users a choice of over 65,000 movies and a free one month trial to encourage customers to sign-up. The site also features a price comparison service versus leading online movie providers and claims to be 15% cheaper than leading provider, Lovefilm.
Lidl Mission

Being a hard discounter Lidl’s mission is keep its unique quality of offering discounted quality products and services to it customers and achieves sustainable growth by increasing market share.
Lidl Marketing Objectives

Keeping in mind company’s mission and background marketing objectives will be determined. As Lidl is striving for growth so Ansoff model is best tool used for determining the marketing objectives. According to Ansoff model (Harvard business review,1957) there are four strategic options available to any company who wants growth. Company may adopt the strategy of market penetration by penetrate with the current existing product in existing market. 2nd option for Lidl is to adopt market development strategy by entering in new market with existing product, 3rd option is product development strategy by introducing new product in existing market and finally company have the option of diversification by entering in new market with new product. So Lidl can achieve growth by adopting any strategy of the combination of strategy.
As company is launching a new product