Marketing Planning Process Essay

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Marketing Planning Process
Improving Honeymoon Service
“It’s only for you”

Table of Contents
Executive review 3
Rational for the chosen scenario 3
1. Task one: Marketing Audit 4
1.1 SWOT analysis 4
1.2 PESTL analysis 5
1.3 Competition Analysis 6
1.4 Travel Market Analysis 7
2 Task Two Marketing Plan 8
2.1 Key points from task one 9
2.2 Marketing Objectives 9
2.3 Strategy 10
2.3.1 Segmentation 10
2.3.2 Marketing targeting 11
2.3.3 Positioning Statement 11
2.3.4 Branding Strategy 12
2.3.5 Marketing Mix 12
2.4 Resource Requirements and Budgets 15
3 Task Three Evaluation Report 16
3.1 Benefits of the marketing planning process 16
3.2 Auditing the audit process 17
3.3 The development of competitive advantage 17
3.4 Issues and constraints. 17
3.5 Evaluation & Control 17
4 Appendixes 18
5 References 22

Executive review
The number of marriage occurring in Riyadh is increasing year by year, which makes honeymoon tourism market growing and of interest of most travel agents in the city. With more than ten thousands new Saudi couples in Riyadh every year the joining of a man and woman in marriage generates niche markets for every service provider in the market.
The purpose of this report is to suggest an improving trend in competitive advantage for honeymoon service that Amikan travel agent in Riyadh could use to design a new marketing plan, in order to increase its market share in the industry. Amikan Group was founded in the city of Riyadh in 1987, during more than twenty-five years, Amikan has become a symbol of travel and tourism getting its strength from the confidence of its customers and its business partners. (For more details about the company see Appendix 1). The 2012 Annual Report states the company only served about 6% of the honeymooner in Riyadh, this low rate in the market has encouraged the company to re-think about an alternative strategy that could help to increase the value of this important service. The primary goals of this strategic plan are to understand the market by analysing the internal and external environment in order to set priorities; goals and objectives for a three year plan, and also to provide future direction to strengthen all facets of the organization in order to grow the tourism industry in Riyadh.
This report has three parts, it starts