Marketing Planning for Toyota Camry Essay

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1.0 Introduction: Toyota is Japan car manufacturer and it has become top seller in the world. Toyota brand is very popular in public’s eyes and even their customers may put their money down for one of Toyota’s car although sometime they have not confirmed yet with the price. Toyota’s cars are reliable and believed have higher quality (Please refer to appendix 1). One of Toyota popular product is Camry. Camry is Toyota second global model after Corolla. In 1980, Toyota launched Toyota Celica Camry and they targeted the Japanese home market. Toward the end of its model lifecycle, Toyota also introduced Toyota Camry sports version (Please refer to appendix 2). During 1982, Toyota started to introduce Camry with independent model line. …show more content…
(Please refer to statistic in appendix 5) This means that the population of the country increase every year. And there are more and more potential customers who have stepped into working society will look for personal transportation. From the appendix 6, we found that the population of Malaysian below age 15 years old in year 2000 is 33.3% compared to 36.7% in 1991. The median age population is increasing. There is an opportunity for us to launch Toyota Camry to those median age people who are enjoying lifestyle at their age. The trend of population ageing in Malaysia is suit to our target markets that are matured and high status. The Malaysia market is mostly based on three major races, which are Bumiputra/Malays, 65.1%, Chinese, 26%, and Indian, 7.7%. (Please refer to appendix 6) We detect that Malay market is an opportunity for us as they are the largest proportion of population in Malaysia. Besides that, we found that there is a tendency of young male adults to marry at a later stage, (Please refer to appendix 6) it means that they have no much burden to responsible for family expenses. They may spend their expenses on pursuing lifestyle marketing products. As Toyota Camry is to show a higher level lifestyle and status, those young unmarried managers are affordable for the product. We can target the mentioned age group consumers.
2.3 Technology Environment:
Nowadays, technology developing very fast day after days, many industries using the high technology