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Part one of the assignment is to discus the macro environmental forces and key trends in personal computer and snack foods industries. Macro environment consists of six larger societal factors that affect the micro environment. The forces are demographic environment, economic, natural environment, technological environment, political environment and cultural environment.

In part two of the assignment has three research situations. Each of the situations will be discussed that what type of data collection method is suitable for it, the reasons for choice and the potential problems. There are three methods of collecting information, mail questionnaires, personal interview and
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-Changes in consumer spending patterns
According to the table below, people spend more and more percentage on other goods and services when their incomes rise.

Average Weekly Expenditure (1) by Income Group of Household
Year ended June 2001
Expenditure Group Annual Household Income ($) (2) Income Group
Under $14,900 $25,900 to $32,399 $51,100 to $62,299 All Income Groups
Food Group 62.10 95.60 141.40 124.90
Housing Group (rent, mortgage etc) 85.20 137.20 187.70 181.00
Household Operation Group (power, telephone, furnishings etc) 55.80 71.40 104.70 97.00
Apparel Group 11.70 13.00 28.90 24.50
Transportation Group 51.50 88.10 130.70 120.70
Other Goods Group (tobacco, alcohol, medical goods etc) 37.90 58.00 91.00 85.00
Other Services Groups (education, leisure etc) 58.50 79.60 170.60 125.30
Total Net Expenditure 362.60 543.00 855.10 758.30
(1) All expenditure is net of refunds, sales and trade-ins and includes GST.
(2) Income is before tax, from regular and recurring sources only. Income groups are deciles (to the nearest hundred dollars) of household income.

-Economic development
Economic is revival in New Zealand, there has less unemployment, more disposable income and returning willingness to spend. At this stage, people buying more luxury goods, such as, computers, cars and houses.