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The service component of this product would be that people can actually order food from these booklets. For example, if there is a recipe that appeals to them, they can place an order for that item to be made for them and try it at a reasonable price before they can make it themselves at home. Also, since the restaurant has an open kitchen concept, these consumers can watch their food being prepared and hence receive a mini cooking class for the product.
This product can be expanded into a product line by adding on recipe booklets for different categories. For example, one booklet for healthy meals, one for healthy snacks, another for healthy drinks and perhaps another for healthy desserts. This would expand the product line's depth, which is determined by the number of products in a product line. A product line breadth is the number of product lines offered, based on the healthy food concept, Dubai Cafe can start making a ready-to-eat frozen foods product line from the most popular recipes in their booklets and sell these to other retailers like prominent grocery stores.
Dubai Cafe's core business would remain the same as they will still be providing quality and healthy food to customers. However, they will have the option to shift their focus to publishing recipe books and selling their frozen foods to retailers if the changes in consumer preferences demand it.
The nature of the booklet would be similar to what is offered by various health food magazines in different