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aley kitty makeup artistry & photography

Executive Summary
Aley Kitty Makeup Artistry and Photography

Service Description
Aley Kitty Artistry makeup service provides high end quality makeup and will provide all the materials needed for a successful makeup application and comfort. I am at a set location and am willing to come to you only if the location is not far from the set location. Please call to book an appointment at (510) 709-5767 or for any additional questions.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Aley Kitty Artistry offers a variety of ranges of makeup art and customer satisfaction. It offers airbrush face makeup for a flawless and clean finish look.

Mission Statement My mission is to empower women by helping them to discover all they’re beauty dimensions. I say when you look better, you feel better and when you feel better, you can change your life. The key to success is self-esteem and makeup can play an integral part of that process. If you think you look amazing and gorgeous I have done my job.
My goal is to provide anyone with a professional service that will let them achieve the stage ready, character like, elegance and sophistication that theater and celebrity makeup should provide.
I specialize in theater, celebrity and special occasion’s makeup that will make you glow bright and empower as the gods Zeus and Athena. Maybe not Zeus and Athena, maybe you want to look like a fantasy character from a movie. I can do that too. I can do almost anything in the makeup category even transformations. The only thing I do not do is special effects makeup. I can provide special contact lenses as requested according to the makeup art goal as well but I will have to get notified at least one week on advance to the makeup meet.
I transform women and even men to look great, feel like you're the queen of the amazon forest, and stand out from the rest of the crowd. My photography service has affordable pricing using top notch tools. I specialize in all forms of photography from landscape to portrait from any color filter depending upon request. I also am a photo re-toucher and can add special digital effects upon the likes of the client.
My makeup ranges from simple to total transformation depending on the client. My makeup artistry fees are very affordable because of the love and passion I have in my job.

Marketing Objectives
Target Market Strategy

Market Program Strategy/Tactics
I am going to build a