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Dicks Sporting Goods
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Dicks Mission Statements:
“Our mission statement is to be the No. 1 sports and fitness specialty retailer for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts through the relentless improvement of everything we do”

Dick’s Sporting Goods

a reliable full-line sporting goods retailer store.

offering a wide-range of brand name sporting goods equipment, apparel and footwear.

chain has expanded to become one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world.

-Sporting goods
-Athletic apparel
-Athletic shoes
-Casual footwear
-Fitness equipment
-Outdoor equipment

Commitment to Quality
-Strong Sense of research within quality
-Set Athletic Apparel Retail Standards
-Customers associate the brand name with Quality

To Have Competition, You Must Have
The market for sporting goods retailers is highly fragmented and intensely competitive. The retail sporting goods industry comprises five principal categories of retailers:

Sporting goods stores (large format stores);

Traditional sporting goods retailers;

Specialty retailers;

Mass merchants;

Catalog and Internet retailers.


- Territory Control
- Brand Loyalty Base Building
- Dick’s anticipated to grow to 800 stores by the end of
Fiscal 2017
Expansion brings National Recognition
DICK'S Sporting Goods Growth Strategy to Reach $10 Billion in
Sales and 10.5% Operating Margin by the End of Fiscal 2017

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