Marketing Project Paper

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Marketing Project Paper
Samsung Galaxy S and Note
Nguyen Tien Nam
Gloria Wadsworth
Feb – 25th – 2015

Introduction Nowadays, smart phone is always a hot topic in the technology field. There are more than hundred smart phone released every year. Smart phone has become a strong competitive market today. Samsung, Apple and Huawei are three leader of the smart phone market. According to Jonnalagadda (2014), the table below represents the smart phone market share.
2nd Quarter 2014 Shipment Volume
2nd Quarter 2014 Shipment Share
Top five Smartphone vendor, shipment and market share 2nd quarter 2014 (Unit in million)
The table clearly shows that Samsung is top one in the smart phone market share. Samsung is a leader of worldwide smart phone market share. This project would evaluate the two famous brand smart phone of Samsung which are Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.
Both Galaxy S and Galaxy Note is the most famous brand of the Samsung. Every year, Samsung has introduced the new product of these two brands. Galaxy S and Galaxy Note have introduced in more than 140 countries worldwide (Russell 2014). Nowadays, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note seem to be the name that represents Samsung Smartphone, just like Iphone of Apple. Samsung Electronics sold 10 million Galaxy S5 units worldwide in the smartphone's first 25 days on the market (Millian 2014). As same as Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 the newest model of Galaxy Note in 2014 has been sale 4.5 million units in the first month when it enters the market (Siegal 2014).
Relationship with other functions and brands of the organization Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are two leaders in the smart phone market share. Both of them have earned huge profit to Samsung. Beside that Samsung also gain a lot of profit due to provide a lot of product which associated with these two famous brands such as Galaxy Accessories and Galaxy Gear. Galaxy accessories such as battery, charger and case are the most necessary that Galaxy S and Galaxy Note user have strong demand on. Moreover, Samsung also introduce the Galaxy Gear which is a smart watch connecting with Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. Furthermore, Samsung also has a Research and Development department for both Galaxy S and Galaxy Note which generates new ideas, innovations and creative new products and services. Therefore, every year Samsung always introduce the new product of both brands. In addition, hardware produce is not only one that makes profit to Samsung but software are also the one that Samsung focus on. Samsung provide to Galaxy S and Galaxy Note user a Samsung App market which user of Samsung smart phone can shop any new application on this.
Galaxy S Galaxy S is focus on the powerful user which means people who need a phone that is all in one entertainment (Author 2014). Galaxy S is a phone that provides to user a full entertainment divide. It is suitable for people who want a phone that have a powerful phone which can use to play game, watch video, search wed and so on. Galaxy Note Galaxy Note is a phone for professional (Author 2014). Galaxy Note provides to user a bigger screen than Galaxy S, so people can use the phone more effectives with professional and business function.
Environmental issues Over the last decades, the importance of environmental sustainability has gradually increased, and successful companies are regularly scrutinised with regards to their carbon emission, recycling and supplier behaviour. Businesses are compelled by national and international standards to conduct their operations in a manner which limits their negative impact on the environment (McWilliams & Siegel, 2001). Samsung’s design team matches the demand for new products with environmental standards and tries to make