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I have been asked to write an essay analysing the tactics uses by the new campaigning organisation, UK uncut, and discuss its effectiveness with relation to the issue of companies’ tax avoidance like Starbucks and Vodafone. Are they waking people´s mind up? Is their strategy the right one? Or should they think another ways to get their point through people?

In order to deliver this essay, there will be three main points to follow.

First point will based on the different strategy and tools uses by campaigning, in order to understand the differences between organisations. In addition, this essay is going to talk about the different purpose with campaigning
Second point regards to the actual purpose of the essay. There will be an introduction of what is UK uncut, how do they work and what is their purpose.
Third point, I am going to analyse their strategy uses in campaigning. Example will be proved.

At last but not least, I am going to write a brief conclusion with my own view on the essay. For instance, do I agree with this kind of demonstrations? To finalize the essay I am going to sum up the above, in order to clarify the main purpose of this essay. Give an in depth analysis of various campaign in which I show an awareness of a range of points and views.

Campaigning is people´s freedom to associate and fight for a common cause, primary purpose.
This association follow three factors. The relationship between members of the group, second, they have the same opinion and views on a topic. And third, they have the legal power to take action, hold property, using their own name.

Campaigning is a right in order to advocate the public opinion, “ an advocate in court of public opinion” (Des Wilson), ensuring balanced debate in the different topics.

A useful campaign must have principles to follow, in order to success. When a campaign is been exposed we have to believe that everything that is said there it is truth. That is why telling the truth is the most important principle of all. Campaigner is the society´s voice.

Hard working is a vital to success due to the need of in depth research that need to be done. In campaigning nothing is easy because, the opposition part may find ways to take your campaign down. Finding the right and more relevant information is necessary to know how to fight back.

During the campaign, make sure your association or group is leaving clear their perspective and purpose. Therefore, you will avoid any disappointment.

As part of group and society, we have to know that people do not respond to violence demonstrations.

“ Violence as a means for obtaining social change has several severe flaws: it often causes suffering; it abdicates moral superiority and alienates potential support; it requires secrecy and hence leads to undemocratic decision-making; and, if successful, it tends to lead towards a violent and authoritarian new ruling elite. Non-violent action as a policy and as technique avoids these problems; its means reflect its ends. With non-violent action, energy is aimed as policies or structures, and not their supports” (Brian Martin)

When organisations use violence as campaigning, they are sending the wrong message, as they are admitting that there is not hope to win the cause.

Another principle that you as a part of a group need to have on mind, it is the fact that, “the bigger the audience, the simpler the message”. (Des Wilson)

Before of putting together a campaign you need to think about the different techniques that are going to be used.

Research is the first of them. You need to have a proper research in order to gain credibility and supporters. If you can back up your story with a good research, half of the job is done. Campaigners acquire the status of expert, which make media welling to comment on it. Transforming them from a punch of people who are complaining to people in the know. Therefore, all the research…