Essay on Marketing: Recycling and College Students

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Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy that we apply focuses on changing consumers’ perception towards recycling. In order to achieve this goal, we pursuit more effective strategies for increasing recycling participation that focus on overcoming knowledge barriers and strengthening young consumers’ motivations for recycling.
How you would approach a child is different how a young adult would be approach or a more mature consumer. The same activities and incentives do not motivate each group the same. This is one of the factors that we have identified and would like to change the approach. Currently there is not incentive for college students. The program is geared towards elementary to middle schools. Our goal is to create incentives to college students. Offer scholarship or benefits towards organizations.

I. Change Perceived Effectiveness of Recycling:

Despite the many effort of overcoming the knowledge barrier by distributing information about what and how to recycle evidence suggest that consumers are not fully aware of what and how to recycle. In order to overcome this barrier is to make recycling learning more interactive. One is to address perceptions of the inconvenience of recycling. We need to inform and individuals that recycling is really not all that difficult or inconvenient. Recycling is already reengineered to be simple and easier the problem is that recycling needs to be more convenient. One of our strategies would be make recycling more convenient.

It often takes more than one time to learn something. More exposure and through different channels will help. Coca-Cola already has a website however the website does not provide with tips and how to reduce waste and announcement with will support on the announcement events and projects that the Reimagine recycling center is involved with.

The more consumers see recycling as effective, the more likely they will participate or participate more fully. Link between

II. The Impact of the Environment:

Many consumers are not fully aware of the positive effects of recycling. Recycling is not important. This is because people often misinterpret the importance and the benefits of recycling.

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