Marketing Research Report for Blackberry Smartphone Essay

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Phase 4 Individual Project
Felicia Rateliff (Peck)
Colorado Technical University Online
Marketing Research Practices
Professor Kay Green
November 5, 2012

Abstract This paper explains the profile of the target market for the Blackberry smart phone. After conducting secondary research on Research In Motion’s Blackberry smartphone and the target market, questions are answered about who, what and why this target is chosen. The importance of selecting a target market is discussed. The target market is identified, including interests, personality and other psychographic traits. The resources used to determine the target market are outlined.

Phase 4 Individual Project
Table of contents Executive summary
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Survey questions 1. In a typical month, do you use your mobile or cell phone most often for work, for personal reasons, or about an equal amount on both? a. Much more often for work b. Somewhat more often for work c. Slightly more often for work d. About an equal amount for work and personal reasons e. Slightly more often for personal reasons f. Much more often for personal reasons 2. In the last five years, what brand of smartphone have you been most satisfied with? g. Answers are filled in by survey completer 3. What brand and model of smart phone were you the least satisfied with in the last five years? h. Answers are filled in by survey completer 4. What feature is most important to you in your smart phone when using for work purposes? (choose 1) i. Security j. Available apps k. Ease in typing l. Price of phone 5. Who pays for your smart phone business usage? m. Answers are filled in by survey completer 6. Have you ever used a Blackberry Smart phone? n. Yes o. No 7. If yes, what features did you like most about your Blackberry Smart phone? (choose all that apply) p. Ease of use q. Keyboard r. Available apps s. Security t.