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Project Management Level 5 Assignment 2012-13: From concept to opening: ‘A New Enterprise Branch’

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Set date: 6 November 2012
Submission dates (see overleaf)

You are responsible for creating a detailed and unique plan for the project described in the Project Initiation Document below. Your assignment is in three parts. Part A (15%) involves the creation of an outline plan, on which you will get feedback to ensure you have a good understanding of the project requirements. Part B (65%) involves the creation of a detailed business case, project plan and schedule including use of Microsoft Project, and the presentation of this. Part C (20%) involves the writing of an individual reflective report. More detail on the assignment requirements is given below. Parts A&B will be conducted in teams of 5. You should select your own teams and notify Maggie Hardman of the names and user IDs of your team members by 13 November. Otherwise we will allocate you to a team. It won’t be possible then to transfer between teams.

This assignment is worth 60% of the total mark for the Project Management module. The remaining marks are for the exam in May, for which this case study will also be used.

Every week there will be opportunities to discuss questions about the assignment in the ‘drop in’ hour after your lecture. If you have specific questions concerning Enterprise Rent a Car please email the module team for us to forward on.

Project Initiation Document

You are a Branch Manager at Enterprise Rent a Car; you currently have 175 vehicles on fleet, 8 members of staff and have opportunities in the local area to grow the business further. Unfortunately before you can win any more business, you must relocate your branch to more suitable premises to cope with these aggressive expansion plans.

As a senior member of the Branch team it is your responsibility to provide a branch location that can facilitate exceptional performance in the four core areas, they are:

• Customer Satisfaction • Employee Development • Fleet Growth • Operating Profit

The branch is currently performing at the following levels:

• Customer Satisfaction - 79% • Employee Retention – 70% pa • Fleet Growth – 5% pa • Annual Revenue - £1.4 million • Annual Operating Profit - £105,000

This places you 130th out of 400 branches. Your promotion depends on you being placed in the Top 20.

It is expected that the branch should be open to customers by 30 June 2013 and must be performing all four core areas, inside 120 days of being open.

The choice of location involves a number of key objectives that must be addressed:

• Enterprise must be close to its customers • It must be located in a position which matches its brand image • The branch must have good travel links • It must represent good value for money • Must be able to recruit local people • There must be reasonable set-up costs • Considerations of how much additional revenue can be made • There must be sufficient parking • The branch must provide a safe environment for customers & employees • Environmental issues should be considered • Considerations about the store launch should also be in place

You have been given some background information and 3 different potential locations to choose from. Your tutor will represent your Area Manager at Enterprise Rent a Car if you need further information. You are not expected to have any advanced detailed knowledge of Enterprise Rent a Car and its policies but your decisions should fall in line with Enterprise’s key values and measurements. Please note that flexibility can be given to any plan providing there is a business case.

Once your team has decided on the most appropriate location, you have to devise a plan for relocating your branch including the activities involved and estimates for resources required.