Marketing Space(Digital) & Place(Physical) Essay

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Temeca DeCosey
February 28, 2011

Marketing is extremely important in any business. As stated in Mullins & Walker (2010), “marketing involves decisions crucial to the success of every organization, whether large or small, profit or nonprofit, manufacturer, retailer, or service firm.” (p. 4). In this new economy and web-savvy age that we are living in, companies must be able to have not just a physical place for the organization but a digital space for it as well to compete with their online competitors and to shift themselves into the global market that is accessible, available, marketable and viable in every way from exposure, to selling new products, to being the trail blaze with a product or in a certain
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This market segmentation would deal with the five step process for choosing the right market segment or segments. According to Mullins & Walker (2010) they are as follows: “Step 1: Select Market-Attractiveness and Competitive-Position Factors, Step 2: Weigh Each Factor, Step 3: Rate Segments on Each Factor, Plot Results on Matrices, Step 4: Project Future Position for Each Segment & Step 5: Choose Segments to Target Allocate Resources.” (Mullins & Walker 2010 p. 191-195). Customers Moving Between Both Mediums Customers can move between the two effortlessly if they are open to both as well as have internet experience. On that other hand some people are not internet savvy nor do they trust the internet so they are not open to doing business online. Some customers prefer the physical place and others are just fine with the digital space due to convenience, time, and easier ways of getting things done. Pomerantz & Marchionini (2007) states, “the space may be either physical or virtual” (p. 505). This can be another way that customers can move between both mediums when a business physical location is digital and only uses the physical location as a storage for products that are purchased digitally. In addition customers being able to move between both mediums can be assisted by the organizations themselves. In PR Newswire, (2010), it stated, “with reliable, transparent