Marketing: Spear Fishing Essay

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I chose the CSS because i felt that it matched the needs of the website I was making. The blue background is important because spear fishing is an underwater sport. I didn’t want to have any flashy fonts or colours in the text because it is just a factual website outlining the basics of spear fishing in the Currarong region, the flashy fonts would have taken away the importance of the information. The black font colour really stood out against the light blue background making the website easier to read.
The use of the images i have provided is important because it provides insight to the reader after they have read my data on the specific marine species or piece of equipment. The reader is literally able to visualise exactly what i have just described.
Having the links for other pages and the home page down the bottom, i just decided to follow what i have seen on the majority of other websites.
I believe all of these things did make the website more user friendly as there weren’t many links and each page was about a specific aspect of spear fishing the Currarong region.
If my technological abilities were limitless i would have included a lot more things on the website to make it more user friendly, for example i would have placed a map on the page that would give people directions, added underwater videos of the shallow reef and possibly even tutorials.
I would have also liked to set up some sort of forum where people could discuss spearing the Currarong region and the different experiences they have had there. It might also include events where groups of people could be organised to spear on certain days. This might even lead to more research done on the area which may help more environmental factors to be taken into account. The forum itself could even be turned into a social media sub site that would be opened.
The website itself would also look different with some ‘softer’ fonts and resizing and location of the pictures and many more species of fish and equipment required.
The website will also have other multimedia tools such as temperature and water conditions on the page that would update in real time.

Q3. Imgur is a website that i really admire because it doesn’t try and complete a lot of tasks at the same time. Its one purpose to spread pictures through a social media is completed efficiently. It utilises nice colours and font types that add to the websites quirky and fun atmosphere. The main page