Marketing Strategies Of Video Game Marketing In Europe, Europe And Australia

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organised it's Xbox launch dates accordingly with the US coming first, followed by Japan, then Europe and Australia. All four are major markets for video game producers and a lot of money is spent in creating different marketing campaigns to appeal to the unique needs and want of each different market. In Australia for example Microsoft luanched an extensive advertising campaign covering all communication channels such as television commercials, outdor advertising, print media, sponsorships and product-related Web sites. Prior to launch a teaser campaign was even launched to elicit people's curiosity and selected retailers were even enlisted to open their doors at midnight on launch day to create consumer buzz. There are three different homogenous groups that video game producers target. These are the hardcore gamers, the average gamer and the underage gamer.
Nintendo's main target market is the 14 and under group, it appeals to this age group with it's compact cube shaped purple console and by producing cute and cuddly games. Sony targets the average gamer which is the broader group of consumers young and old who enjoy games. Microsoft Xbox targets the hardcore gamers, the consumers who want the best graphics and the fastest game speeds. The marketing concept implies that an organisation aims all of its efforts, in a coordinated and integrated manner at simultaioneously satisfying its customers and achieving its own corporate goals. It sees customer satisfaction as the path to profits and 'Customer Value', 'Competition' and 'Customer Relationships' are it's three main elements. Microsoft claims it's Xbox performs three times better than it's competitors. It was touted by Microsoft to revolutionise video games with never-seen-before gaming experiences.
By claiming a technological advantage it is hoping to deliver better customer value to consumers. The Xbox sets itself apart from the competition with its more powerful compenents and by offering an integrated hard drive which is something its competitors have never even considered offering before. It's online gaming service is another feature designed to creat customer value. Xbox owners can enhance their gaming experience by playing online with people around the world and are not just limited to their living rooms anymore. Sony as market leader countered with an