Marketing Strategies for Travelodge Essay

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Examining existing marketing strategies and tactics of Travelodge
Existing marketing strategies:
“Marketing strategies can have a broad impact on the business in terms of instilling a marketing orientation among all those in the firm: the way of thinking or philosophy of the whole organization. However, marketing strategies can alternatively be seen as dealing only with the development of competitive advantages directly associated with the marketing function such as customer loyalty and distribution channel control. In the latter case, the domain is sometimes even further restricted by sole attention to the various element of the marketing mix rather than the more general issues of customer and channel relationships. There are two key
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To deliver a more positive guest experience at Travelodge hotels, the chain will enhance its bath standard. Beginning Jan. 1, 2008, all Travelodge locations will feature curved shower rods, hook-less shower curtains and multi-function shower heads. Also, the brand passed a standard to ban smoking in all public spaces at Travelodge locations effective Nov. 1.
To recognize Travelodge property owners and their staffs, the brand launched the Heroes of Hospitality awards program. Awards will be issued quarterly and annually. Winners will be evaluated using performance and customer service indicators including quality assurance and customer services scores.
"Our Heroes of Hospitality program celebrates the hospitality professionals who dedicate themselves to providing outstanding service through hard work, attention to detail and sheer enthusiasm," said Barros. "The fun-loving, caring spirit of the Travelodge brand is a testament to these individuals