Bmw Marketing Strategy

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Promotional Strategy:

The Promotional Strategy for BMW of North America would be very simple and to the point, unlike other dealerships. We will put our products in the hands of the four promotional elements, which are, advertising, public relations, personal selling and selling promotion. These promotional strategies would be used to help promote the already known BMW product but introduce the new product BMW of North America is creating. The advantage the promotional advantage would provide BMW of North America is selling the Active Hybrid Vehicle to customer before the individual even enters the dealership.

Promotional Goals:

The main promotional goal for BMW of North America would be to promote the new product that BMW has on the market, in this case would be the Active Hybrid Vehicle. This will be accomplished by using AIDA, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. Selling the new product to existing and new customer will be a challenge in itself but BMW will use these tools to help make it easier. BMW of North America will get the attention of new customer by making the new Active Hybrid Vehicle affordable to a wide range of buyers. Once the customers have seen the product and is interested in it, BMW needs to prove why the product will suit them. This will be determined by the salespeople, how the product is presented to the customer when they are at the dealership. The advertisement and public relations would be very important key factors that will determine if the product is successful.

Factors Affecting the Promotion Mix:

Product Lifecycle

BMW vehicles and every other make on the market manufactures vehicles in model years. The model years are not determined by the actual physical year the car is being produced. The next new model year starts in the end of October, so an example would be the new Active Hybrid Vehicle will be introduced in October, 2013 but it is classified as a 2014 model year vehicle.

The BMW of North America has a product lifecycle span of 7 months because the model year only will last 7 months until a new model year is created. The Active Hybrid Vehicle of 2014 will be introduced in November of 2014 and the advertisement of this specific vehicle would be very intense.

This would be to promote the new product that BMW has to offer and get people interested. Then after it is drawing closer to the new model year we will advertise the changes and continue the lifecycle of the new product from where the old left off.

Target Market Characteristics

The market segment used for target marketing will help the developers of BMW advertisements be effective online and be creative with manufacture discounts that will attract our target market. Selling vehicles is not a customer walking in and just selling them a vehicle; there is more to it than just that. The market characteristic that BMW will have is advertising discounts so customers could feel like they are getting a good deal before they enter the dealership.

Push or Pull Strategy

BMW of North America will incorporate the Push Strategy. How we will accomplish this is produce the product and introduce the product to our customers through our marketing and advertising channels. The product would go from the production plant in North Carolina to the retailer were the travel rate requires the vehicle or a customer orders one.

Integrated Marketing Communications:


There will be many different types of Advertising methods that BMW of North America will use to promote the BMW product and the new Active Hybrid Vehicle. The methods that would help promote the new BMW Active Hybrid Vehicle and all the BMW products are the Radio, Newspaper, Television and the Internet. The two main sources that we will utilize