Marketing Strategy For Launching The New Model Of ATB

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Strategic Marketing Module
BUS 753

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Strategic Marketing Planning 3
Strategic Marketing Importance for ATB 3
Task B 4
Setting up the Final Price for the End Customer 4
Task C 5
Primary Activities 5
Inbound logistics: 5
Operations: 5
Outbound logistics: 5
Marketing and Sales: 5
Services: 5
Support Activities 5
Procurement: 5
Technology development 5
Human resource management 5
Firm infrastructure: 6
Task D 6
Political Factors 6
Economic Factors 6
Social Factors 6
Technological Factors 7
Conclusion 7
References 8

To: Sumya Gupta Marketing Director of ATB
From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: “Marketing Strategy for launching the new model of ATB”
Dated: 21st March 2013
In this report we are going to discuss about the strategic marketing planning and its importance for the ATB by Jepson. What role it plays in the overall business strategy. We also going to discuss about the final price for the end customer for new model of ATB and making some assumptions for the other target market. Further on we will discuss about the internal problems related to the launching a new model and will find out their solutions in terms of marketing strategy and at the end we will focus on the PEST analysis which affected to the bicycle industry environment in recent years.
Strategic Marketing Planning
According to (Mintzberg, 1987) strategy is many things it could be plan, pattern, position, ploy and perspective, as plan and strategy relates how we intend realizing our goals. Strategic marketing planning is important to set up a business plan. It is business need to set directions (where to go), to define business aims and objectives and how we are going to achieve them. Strategic planning is a vital part of the overall business planning. The relationship between two plans start with planning a product, its position in the market, market data, size, trends and competition, manufacturing & operations plan which should be parallel to marketing plan and to finance and budgeting. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself” (Ducker, 2013). If there is no business strategy then there is no business direction.
Strategic Marketing Importance for ATB
Firstly, strategic marketing planning is important for ATB to analyse its internal and external environment of the company e.g. where we are going to compete either the entire market or in one or more segments and to find out what are our core competencies and strengths and where we are lacking these competencies. Secondly, it helps to identify the customers’ needs, wants and expectation from the company as they have strong relationship with the brand and also meeting their needs and tells us how we are going to compete in terms of introducing new model to meet a customer need or we are going to establish a new position for existing model. Thirdly and most importantly is to help identifying the competitors and tells us when to compete how we can get the competitive edge over the competitors and to look into the opportunities and threats from new entrants and existing competitors. It gives the direction which way is best and how we can achieve the company’s targets and goals. It helps us to predict the outside environment e.g. how our competitors are doing and also to formulate the backup plan for the future outcomes.

Task B
Setting up the Final Price for the End Customer

Cost Of Production material cost £80 setting up cost £30
Total Variable Cost £110 fixed overheads promotional cost £200,000 financial cost £300,000 total fixed cost £500,000 total production £50,000
Total Fixed Cost/Unit 500000/50000= £10
Total cost of product or CP 110+10= £120
Selling price ? profit to sales ratio 10% sp= cp*100/100-P £133.3333333 adding up the mark-up @40% £53.33333333