Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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Coke report

In this report, Coca-Cola is the main organization that will be focussed in this report.
The pricing strategy of Coca-Cola beverages is globally marketed. However, due to competitors, such as Pepsi, the price of certain areas might be varied.
There is no doubt that this company does not lose its focus. With the flexibility to adapt to various countries and geographical locations, it melds its distribution down to the science of bottling, and marketing its product through various languages.
It is known for its famous carbonated beverages. They started with only a single product, Coke. As time goes by, they started to produce different kind of beverages, such as Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Coke Zero and more. Quality promise has been their biggest market objectives; customers purchased their products mainly because of their symbol of quality. Their brand is known globally and people no longer doubtful towards the quality of their products. Not only does it do well at preserving the quality of its products, its vertical integration of producing the product, bottling product and marketing the product to be sold worldwide is definitely its specialty.
Coca-Cola Company has used all variables of marketing tools, such as social networking, where people will be linked to Facebook even when they search through search engines, offline marketing promotions, they set up a function in Westfield shopping centre for people that has unusual