Marketing Strategy Of Nike

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Mission: To offer clients individualized, scientific based fitness management to increase quality of life and longevity through physical training, nutrition, and modification of lifestyle.
Background: As medical science continue to increase the human lifespan, with life expectancy reaching 120 years. However, living longer does not necessarily mean living better. To achieve dynamic, long-lasting health, the physique of the future must be trained through a total wellness approach. The personal trainer must be at the forefront of this growth, providing individuals with programs tailored to meet their unique physical, nutritional, and lifestyle needs. Personal trainers also offer alternative solutions to traditional medicine, providing stress-management
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So, health and fitness industry have become a serious mainstream issue in today’s world. Various political and social parties have supported different fitness campaigns. One such example is “Play 60 Campaign”. After the Global report of 2013 by IHRSA (International Health Racquet and Sports club Association) more than 75 billion U.S dollar revenue is generated by health and fitness clubs. Health and fitness industry is a blooming industry. And like any other industry, health and fitness industry also proceeds with some appropriate strategies. Nike is considered to be one of the top 10 companies in fitness business. Let us take an example of the company Nike to illustrate the marketing, segmentation and positioning of this company.
Nike is mainly famous for making specially sports apparel. People play different kinds of sports. Keeping this in mind, Nike needs to segment their business strategies.
Geographical segmentation: Companies do their research before launching a
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Nike’s broad markets comprises of mainly teenagers and young adults. Nike deals with them by making campaigns which addresses these youngsters as they strive to become successful like their sport icon in the Nike commercials. In 2014 world cup, Nike deployed a video in which soccer players, who were Nike sponsored and a few teenage soccer players were starred.
Psychographic segmentation: Based on the lifestyle, social classes and preferences of customers, consumers can enjoy various products and services of a company .On the other hand a company can benefit from this psychographic outlook. Nike target those individual, whose lifestyles and personalities are shaped by playing and talking about