Essay Marketing & Strategy on Emirates Airline

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PART – 1:
Strategic capabilities of Emirates Airline
These can be defined as organisation’s capacity to endure, flourish and provide value added services to business (Hubert Saint-Onge, 2000). A firm requires various means and competences in order it can endure and grow. The resources are physical and non-physical assets that organization has while the competencies are skills which convert resources in an efficient manner keeping in mind an organization’s operations and procedures (Johnson et. al, 2008).

Every organization has its strategic goals or intentions and to achieve them they have to focus on building, developing and maintaining strategic capabilities. In order to create competitive advantage, organizations need to develop superior capabilities than that of its competitors. Emirates Airline uses ‘differentiating strategic capabilities’ (DiSCs) with the support of Emirates Group thus making it difficult for others to imitate or copy strategic capabilities easily, (Scott-Jackson, 2010).

Emirates strategies are based on long term goals as it understands the economic and political instability impact which is cyclical in nature. They understand the significance of this situation and apply it to business looking beyond the short term to focus on strategies that will sustain over time.

Another factor to