Marketing Syncra System Essay

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From the case Syncra Systems we can see that a delivering open and vendor-neutral collaborative application like CPFR can make a big difference in retail industry and supply chains by making them more collaborative and benefit both trading partners. Such as improve the in-stock position, decrease unnecessary storage and handling of products, as well as improve service levels and retail sales. By sharing information, a strong relationship can be built between the retailer and supplier in the process. However, some problems still need to be concerned:

1. How to attract customer more effectively to agree the value of your product?
As the sales environment becomes more complex, customers today are more educated and less tolerant of sales
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Second, to secure larger and more frequent sales opportunities. And third, to offer high margin products and/or services along with the ones that may be currently viewed as commodities. Typically, the consultative sales process will have three steps. The first is to establish a clear understanding of the customer’s priorities and overall goals. This usually takes place at multiple levels within the customer’s organization and may require several meetings. The second step is to identify areas you can improve in their current process. This may be specific problems you can solve, performance gaps to close or areas in which they want to grow. These opportunities are usually present because of deficiencies with the current vendor, the advent of new technologies or the customer’s lack of knowledge in a particular area. The third step is where you match the customer’s priorities with the areas to improve and your offering or capabilities. This is called creating the value.

3. When it is the time to face the significant competitors, what Syncra System should do in speeding adoption and gain a competitive advantage?
Every product has its own life cycle, at beginning it goes through a growth period; and then it gains some successes within a certain industry. However, slowly, it may decline or even disappear in the market. Syncra System already done a very excellent job to maintain a good reputation in the retail industry, however, it still not conquer the whole industry. Sooner