Essay on Marketing: Tea and Shaanxi Green Tea

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"The Shaanxi Green tea" breaks into the U.S. market marketing program

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Executive summary
This paper first introduces analysis shaanxi green tea, and then using the SWOT model of shaanxi green tea to export the United States market analysis, using the PEST model to the export market macro environment analysis, with potter five competitive forces model analysis method to the green tea market micro environmental analysis, finally, combined with the previous analysis, and make use of 4 p strategy put forward "shaanxi green tea" in the United States market specific marketing strategies.

executive summary 1

1 Introduction of the "Shaanxi green tea" 3

1.1 Product Introduction 3 1.2 Product Efficacy 3

2 the "Shaanxi green tea SWOT model analysis 5

2.1 Strengths 5 2.2 Weaknesses 5 2.3 opportunities 6 2.4 threats 6

3 To the U.S. market for PEST analysis 6

3.1 plitical 6 3.2 economic 7 3.3social 7 3.4 technological 8

4 Micro-environment analysis- Porter's five forces model analysis 8

4.1Supply bargaining power 8 4.2Consumer bargaining power 9 4.3The presence of a potential competitor 9 4.4 Competitors in the industry 9 4.5Alternatives 9 4.6Conclusion 10

5 "The Shaanxi Green tea" in the U.S. market specific marketing strategy 10

5.1 product strategy 10 5.2Price Strategy 11 5.3Channel strategy 11 5.4 Promotion strategy 13

6 Conclusion 13

References 14

1 Introduction of the "Shaanxi green tea"

1.1 Product Introduction

Green tea as China's major tea, suitable for tea shoots as raw material, after fixing, rolling, drying and other typical process made tea. The dry tea color and brewing tea, the bottom of the main tone green, hence the name. Green tea is fresh leaves will be picked to crank up first by the high temperature to kill various oxidase keep tea green, then by rolling, drying and made broth green leaves is a common feature of green tea quality. Green tea is unfermented, Chinese production up, drinking the most widely used as a tea it is characterized by Tang Qing chlorophyll, nutrient-rich, you can prevent the disease. [1] Shaanxi is located in the southern slope of the Qinling Mountains, full sunlight, the temperature difference between day and night, although a small amount of growth, lower yields, but the long growth cycle, the tea contains active ingredients and do not use any pesticides, extremely high quality tea, combined with the company more The strong technical force, strict quality control of the production processes, the formation of " Shaanxi tea "Hong Sauvignon, sweet and resistant foamsignificant consumer has won widespread praise. [2]

1.2 Product Efficacy

Green tea known as China's national drink. Modern science and numerous studies have confirmed tea does contain biochemical composition is closely related to human health. The specific role: (1) Anti-Aging Help delay aging, tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant properties and physiological activity, is a free radical scavenger. [3] (2) inhibition of cardiovascular disease Contribute to the suppression of cardiovascular disease tea polyphenols on human fat metabolism plays an important role. The high content of the body's cholesterol triglyceride levels, vascular wall fat deposition, vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and the formation of atheroma plaque and other cardiovascular diseases. [4] (3) anti-cancer Contribute to the prevention and anti-cancer tea polyphenols can block the ammonium nitrite and other carcinogenic substances synthesized in the body, and has directly kill cancer cells and improve the efficacy of the body immunity. (4) radiation Contribute to