Marketing Trends

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There are many trends in marketing nowadays that have resulted from the convergence of entertainment, communication, and technology such as advertisements, social networking sites and much more. One major trend is creating a company website to promote a business. Building a website is not just for selling products, it is also used to create quality customer relationships through answering customer questions and gaining feedback to help the company make improvements (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011). This can also be used for the trend of tracking people and gathering large amounts of data for marketing purposes. With gaining large amounts of data on people, organizations are able to know more about designing of products, along with how to coax individuals to purchase a product or service.
Another popular trend is online ads and promotions such as banners or viral marketing. These techniques are used by companies to catch individuals’ attention while they are browsing the Internet in hopes users will visit their sites. This also helps to promote a company brand (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011). Advertisers will try to place their ads everywhere because they are aware that the largest customers of online sites are the entertainment ones. The Internet is the fastest revenue of communication that can reach people in seconds. At times, companies mistakenly shove information about an item in a consumers face with over the top marketing or too much flare with advertising. As a result of change, more companies send simple, recognizable ads through television or the Internet (Forbes, 2013). This may be considered one of the best strategies. Concerning a company using this method, it is not just about the simple ads that they use, but also making experiences easier for customers. There are a few companies that do a good job of using simplicity such as Apple or Google (Demers, 2013).
Finally, a third trend is social media. Some social media outlets include blogs or social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.). There are numerous ways that marketing can improve through the use of social media. What started out as a communication and entertainment medium has become a tool that businesses use to increase sales, determine future purchases and customer satisfaction. Companies also use these