Essay Marketing: Variable Cost and Devry Food

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BUSN 319
Marketing Plan for college Restaurant Shop “FOODS”
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November 2012


Figure l –Devry Foods________________________________________________________________2
Mission 2
Goals 3
Core Competency & Competitive Advantage 3
Figure ll SWOT Analysis 4
Industry Analysis 5
Figure lll. Market Analysis 6
Competitor Analysis 6
Company Analysis 6
Customer Analysis 7
Marketing & Product focus 7
Marketin & Product Objectives 7
Target Markets 7

Points of Difference 8
Positioning 8
MARKETING PROGRAM ________________________________________­­_____9
Product & Price Strategy___________________________________________________9
Break-Even Analysis______________________________________________________9
Figure lV – Calculating a Break-Even Point ____________________________________10
Figure V – Break-Even Point for Study Central__________________________________10
Promotion & Place__________________________________________________________________11,12
FINANCIAL DATA & PROJECTION____________________________________________________ _____12
Figure V1– 1 year ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________13
Figure V11 – 5 yr__________________________________________________________14
One year Projection______________________________________________________12,13
Organizational Structure________________________________________________________________13
Figure V111– Organizational Structure________________________________________________________________14
Evaluation & Control_________________________________________________________________16

“ Foods” is going to be a part of the lives of the students of University, midtown Manhattan campus; in this on-campus restaurant that students can go for a health meal and a great beverages which that is what we are going in this restaurant. Whether students need to eat or just walk and have a beverage before their class, or just have lunch with a classmate , they are want to have a good meal or nice good beverage that Foods is going to be selling. Foods has two main products, which are to have a high recommend restaurant. The business will capitalize on the fact that there is no other food available on campus except for a vending machine on the tenth floor.
The company which will be owned and is going to be managed by a mother and son team, Ms.Gomez will opening a restaurant on the tenth floor of the campus, where all students and people that go to the school can enjoy a good meal. Ms.Gomez son is an ex student of graduated with a BA in business management. But he always wood be late to class because he would work and have no time to eat that is why he would tell his mom about this problem. But his mom had already had a restaurant she wanted to help students out because she know that some don’t have so much money to get a meal. That is why she want to school and talk to them about this and wanted to make a change. So they told her that would say yes but that she had to put all of her work in this business and she also did this because she wanted to show her son how to run a small business. The financial goals of DeVry Foods are going to be shown in the profits from the first month of operations and maintain a 50% gross margin. Monthly sales targets have been set and they are going to try to meet that goal because that money is going to go to DeVry College and also the restaurant. They know that in a month they are going to do good because the price are going to be fair for students.