Marketing: Variable Cost and Stallion Investigations Essay

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Keller graduate School Of Management | Marketing Management MM522 | Stallion Investigations | | Instructor: Elton Hugee | 8/15/2011 |


Executive Summary Stallion Investigations is an independent Private Investigation company located in Chula Vista, California. Stallion Investigations was established in 2007. Stallion Investigations has been providing quality surveillance and investigative services to the state of California. Stallion Investigations has over 20 years of experience handling all types of investigative cases in a professional and discrete manner. Stallion Investigations is a professional private investigation firm that specializes in Surveillance, Infidelity Investigations, Asset Searches, Skip Tracing, Criminal Defense Investigations, Civil Process Service, Domestic/Child Custody Investigations, Witness Statements and Interviews, Office Sweeps/Debugging Investigations, Worker's Compensation Investigations, Pre-Employment Background Investigations, Tenant Screening, and Security Consulting. It is requirement that all of our investigators place an emphasis on integrity, quality control, time and case management, professionalism, and most importantly; customer service. Stallion Investigations possess a solid core of experienced and professional investigators that has established an excellent rapport in the community and with local businesses. Through customer referral alone, Stallion Investigation’s business opportunities have increased dramatically. Each assignment undertaken by the firm is assessed and coordinated by an investigative team, and implemented by the Director of Investigations. This process adds value to every assignment by being in constant communication with our clients. Stallion Investigations has technology that allows our clients electronic updates from the beginning, to the end of an investigation. Stallion Investigation’s marketing strategy has been successful due to referrals from previous clients. Stallion Investigation’s dedication to Professionalism, Accountability, and Trustworthiness has enabled the firm to increase revenue and clientele. Stallion Investigations have been requisitioned for services from companies in the south eastern region of the United States. Due to this increase, Stallion Investigations is opening a second office for operations in Atlanta, Georgia. The launch of the south east site is slated for a June 2012 opening. The expansion of the Atlanta, Georgia site is to better serve our clients in that region providing faster accessibility and customer service. Stallion Investigations plan is to become one of the premiere investigative companies in the country. This is done by employing the most innovative investigative techniques and fact gathering information systems and databases, Stallion Investigations guarantee each and every investigation will be conducted and handled with complete Professionalism, Accountability, and Trustworthiness. Guided by core values of integrity and discretion, Stallion Investigations aim to create an environment where they can best serve their clients. Stallion Investigations consistently strive to provide all their clients with accurate, efficient, and cost-effective private investigations in a timely manner. Stallion Investigations ultimate goal is to protect their client’s confidentiality and provide them with the information and answers they seek.

Table of Contents i. Situational Analysis ii. Marketing Strategy iii. Financial projections (2yrs) iv. Implementation/Evaluation

Situational Analysis From humble beginnings in Chula Vista, California in 2007, Stallion Investigations today is truly reflective of the positive energy, diversity, and strength people the world over have come to associate with dedication and professionalism. Stallion Investigations is a company that goes a lot further than simply responding to your security and