Marketing: Video Game and Nintendo Essay

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Marketing Strategies & The Target Market of Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft

1. Define the target market for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

Since Nintendo lost its stamina, running in the industry, the company changed its target. It focuses on young gamers. It relies heavily on kid-focused Nintendo exclusive games, for example cartoon characters such as Pokeman, Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong. It markets them through TV shows and cartoons hoping that the growing fame will encourage kids to buy the video games.

Sony and Microsoft basically target the same target market. They target more mature serious gamers. Instead of focusing on cartoon characters they try to offer the best gaming experience. They achieve that by offering the best graphics, speed and technology.

2. Discuss the positioning strategy of each of the companies in the video game market and how they differentiate its marketing 4P's.

For the past 6 years Nintendo no longer became a strong participant in the video gaming industry. The only market they had left was the young teenager market. It designed its Gamecube so it would look attractive to children. They put their console out on the market for $199 which is about a hundred dollars less than it's competitors. This gave Nintendo the opportunity to put them back on the map. Nintendo also offered games exclusive to Nintendo. Which means that no other company has the authorization to sell that game software under it's name except for Nintendo. By…