Essay about Marketing: Vitamin and Adrenaline Rush

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Liana D’Amico
Dr. Yoshiko DeMotta
Principles of Marketing- MKTG 2120
11 February 2013
Adrenaline Rush Energy drinks are a large category of beverages that are used to enhance wakefulness and provide energy to the consumer. Adrenaline Rush is an all-natural, organic, energy enhancer. Unlike average energy drinks made with caffeine, guarana, and taurine, Adrenaline rush is made with natural supplements such as vitamins A-E, biotin, folate and fruit extracts. There are many risks to high octane energy drinks but because of its organic composition, Adrenaline rush is safe to be used by the elderly, pregnant, or individuals suffering from heart conditions. To coincide with its healthy image, Adrenaline rush is a completely green, recyclable product that protects its consumers as well as its environment. It was designed to become a source of vitamins and a boost of energy as a daily supplement to an active, healthy lifestyle. Adrenaline rush is not only a single product, but a brand that transforms lives through an ultra-premium product that can help you become happier and healthier.
The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing when determining a product or brand's offering. As the face of our brand, Adrenaline Rush is the product under evaluation in this marketing plan. In a highly competitive energy drink market, Adrenaline Rush is the front runner of the health friendly division of this market. It is the first of its kind available to enhance energy as well as promote a more active, healthier lifestyle. As the producers of Adrenaline Rush, we believe in the highest quality for our consumers, there-fore we decided to proceed with a value-based pricing strategy. Because we hold the quality and benefits of our product to our consumers above everything else we set our prices based on the value to our customer. Specifically we are interested in targeting active, health conscious individuals to consume our product, since organic products are naturally priced higher than regular products, we believe our customers will outweigh the price of the product in terms of its health benefits. Since we are taking a value-based pricing strategy our promotion place plan coincides with our quality tactic. Our target consumers are individuals who are actively perusing a healthy lifestyle, which also includes the environmentally conscious and organically consuming. Whole foods and Trader Joes are two popular health food stores. They exclusively sell organically produced and naturally made products, which is a perfect way to promote our product. Customers of these stores shop there for organic products and already expect to pay a little more for their products because of how these products are produced and their prices reflect that. Not only will distributing in these stores target the exact market we are interested it, it will also promote the effectiveness and quality of our product because these stores guarantee the highest quality of goods. The placement of our product is a great promotion tactic as well as our goal to sponsor athletic teams. Sponsoring athletic teams will promote the health benefits of our product while showing our brands support and commitment to engage in active healthier lifestyles and our product being a natural supplement in order to do so. Sponsorship of athletic team reaches college students as well as an older target segment because of parental support during games. If parents and grandparents see their younger loved ones using our product in order to enhance their lifestyle, it promotes the healthy benefits for every age group. If it is safe and allowed to be used by NCAA teams then it should have the same effect with older consumers.
As the creator of Adrenaline rush I used SWOT analysis to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of this business venture. There are certain characteristics of Adrenaline Rush that give an advantage over our competitors. The first and foremost