Marketing and Malaysian Market Essay

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Case Study 1
i. What is online proposition? online propositions are as follows:
a) Price
Presently, Zalora Malaysia is the largest online fashion retailer in Malaysia that offers hundreds of local and international fashion brands ranging from the high-end local designers to mass-fashion labels. With many brands offered on the website, Zalora Malaysia is able to offer reasonable price for their products sold on the website to their customers as they focused more on local brands on their website. Other than that, provides attractive promotions where price of a product may be lower than the price in retail store and thus, gives great savings to customers.
b) Make Things Easier is
…show more content… also offers a flat rate shipping fee around RM5 to RM10 depending on the location.
5. Bargaining Power of Suppliers tries to set reasonable prices for the Malaysian market so that customers from any income groups are able to enjoy purchasing their items on Zalora. tackles the Malaysian markets as they have concentrated purchasers and thus, will increased the quantity of the products because of the high demand from the purchasers. too tries to find other new brands to increase the customer's preferences as well as to attract new customers. iv. Assess how competes with TRADITIONAL and ONLINE companies that offer similar online services by reviewing the approaches it uses for different elements of the marketing mix.
a) Price
In terms of price, competes with traditional and online companies by visiting similar websites to them such as the Fashion Valet. may also use price comparison websites to check before setting their final price as price of products on the Internet becomes competitive for the reason that the price transparency gets quicker and comparing prices is getting easier. able to set their price reasonable or probably lower as they are able to reduce costs such as the staff costs and store space.

b) Product did a research on customers' needs before uploading photos of the products will full description