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The paracrisis: The challenges created by publicly managing crisis prevention
A Case Analysis

Communication is faster than ever due to the advent of the Internet and social media which are venues for forum, interaction and information/issue dissemination, Today, nearly half a billion people around the world utilize the Internet. In the United States alone, about 155 million Americans access the Internet at home, with some citizens accessing the Internet only at work. Internet use by consumers in other countries, especially Japan (49 million users), the United Kingdom (29 million), Germany (36 million), Brazil (25 million) and France (31 million), has escalated rapidly. (Ferrell, Thorne, & Ferrell, 2012). The increasing number of
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Damage to franchise value caused by increasing trajectory of the paracrisis outweighs the cost of changing organizational practices (change supplier) to reflect the demands of Greenpeace. The combined effect of the voices not only from Greenpeace but also from specialist media and mainstream media and commentary on multiple blogs will be damaged reputation and loss of business. Adopting the refutation and refusal strategies will only create organizational hiatus and worst, crisis.
Now that repentance is deemed most feasible, the following independent courses of actions could be employed by the crisis management team at the point of view of marketing communications and public relations: 1. Filter pressing and critical issues for appropriate action of Board of Directors and/or Senior Management while attending to minor issues; 2. Resolve all issues – critical or not at their level and respond to these issues through social media in an appropriate and timely fashion; 3. Respond only to issues deemed critical. The first alternative course of action is deemed most feasible. Critical