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The activities of a nurse or a health professional in the process of care giving can be effective with the background of interpersonal relationship creation with the support of the skills that are interpersonal and communication that is effective. By a good communication it refers that the health care staff must be able to interchange information in between the patient and staff in an assertive, confident and clear way. These skills mainly related to the communication are associated with many aspects that are related to the culture, training achieved, past experience in dealing with similar situations, etc. The way the communication is created has a lot to talk about these aspects and their influence. In the analysis of the study on the mental health patients as referred in (Hill & Cox, 2010), the role of good communication and counselling in improving the health of mental patients and for the fast cure of such patients can be considered to be highly significant.
The article in the present conversation is regarding the reflective study on the role of interpersonal skills and communication in the care given to a patient. The regulation of the NMC code states that the patient information should have confidentiality in all aspects and for this cause the patient in the current reflective case study is referred to “Mr. Y” in the discussion. The article will point out the different learning outcomes from the reflective study and various theories in the counselling practice, interpersonal skills of the author, etc. As an output of the article writing, the author will be able to analyse learning outcomes and can experiment on these outcomes for future effective practice in the care of a patient. The patient under care was suffering from dementia and the purpose of the author was giving esteemed care to the patient with the support of the interpersonal skills and counselling practice. The current case of care being reflected takes place as a part of the author service in a local care home in the United Kingdom.
The article will consist of a detailed description of the case where the author makes a reflection of the incident. The author will then discuss the main skills related to the counselling of a patient and the role of communication and interpersonal skills in the medical field. Finally an evaluation of all the concepts related to the communication and interpersonal skills will be discussed linking it with the reflective study.

The patient Y was admitted in the hospital with the symptoms of a dementia patient. The main symptoms shown by the patient consisted of those of a typical dementia patient. The notable among those symptoms can be said as unstable balance in the walk, night wandering, hallucination of visuals, incontinence in urine passage, depression, memory loss and changes in the mood as well as personality. The patient Y was a female patient and the age was written in the register as 85.
The patient Y was a new admission to the care home and the person who came with the person during the admission to the hospital was her husband who was about 90 years of age. The patient Y was admitted due to the inability of the husband to take care of the old lady without the help of the others. One of the main problem as seen with patient Y was the inability to respond to the queries and memorise the past events. The patient was passing urine with inconsistence and was not able to do things herself. Another information regarding the Y was the aggressive nature shown and the unwillingness to react to the care giver. The patient mainly showed an unwillingness to take the medicines as per description.
The patient Y had a height of about 153 cm and a weight of 57 kilograms. The patient didn’t symptoms of other problems except for that of the hypertension.
The initial finding of the author regarding the