Markety Segmentation and Product Positioning Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Market Segmentation and Product Positioning

Company Introduction, Market Segmentation, and Product Positioning
October 27, 2013

Write about your Company
The following market plan is the first part of a five series installment of a fictitious company, entitled “NutriLean Cuisine.” This plan will provide this company background and mission statement. Once the company name was in place one can start building a market plan with emphasis on market segmentation and product positioning as well as service the consumers. This idea began when an overweight young lady wanted to lose weight, but wanted to do it the right way by eating healthy. NutriLean Cuisine is a frozen entree sold in the States, Canada, and Australia by Nestle. This product designed as a low-fat low calorie entrée.
Write a detailed company background. Address the following items at a minimum for full credit.
NutriLean created in 1982, as a healthy alternative to frozen meals. In the beginning, she started out with eight meals and gradually expanded to 100. Her goal was to make overweight dinner simple, promote awareness, and change the world to eat responsible. Co-founder, Susan Rayrale introduces her first dinner to her family and friends from her very own kitchen. She believed if her family like the NutriLean dinners she can move to the next step. Success of NutriLean depends on how good the dinners were. As Susan researches how to patent her brand, she realized that the other lean cuisine, such as Healthy Choice, Smarts One, and Lean Cuisine are growing significantly during the 1980s and 1990s on the low-fat, low-calorie dieting frenzy, she was scare that it would not be successful against the other brands. The next step was to get the FDA approval. In order for FDA to consider NutriLean as a nutrient content it must certain requirement, for example, less than 4.5 g or less saturated fat, and less than 95 mg cholesterol. FDA requirement must be below 480 mg of sodium in addition to fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol (FDA, 1906). Once FDA approved the product it can be distributed to local companies, such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Publix, to name a few.
Create a strategic Mission Statement.
NutriLean cuisine (Nestlé’s) statement is that the company will create superior product concerned about the consumer’s wellness. Promise to promote good food, nutrition, and high quality low calorie foods that taste good. Together people will work toward a healthier and happy lifestyle!
There are five principals that make NutriLean a success, in which, including Integrity, Family, Respect, and Accountability and Leadership. NutriLean goal is to follow policy and procedures to ensure the delivery of continual improvement over the next 20 years.
Determine and decided upon at least one foreign market for the product and service. Provide your rationale for this market.
Susan is looking to expand to additional market. Her research led a higher demand for healthier eating is the Latin Americans. Once Susan crossover in international markets, she can increase her literacy rate (80% in 2009) arousing health consciousness, GDP growth above 10%, increasing buying power. As one recall, Susan started in her very own kitchen with the hopes of expanding in the United States and internationally. Therefore, evolving through Latin America style is to eat healthy and R&D will help launch new product from companies. In Latin America, healthy snack is a misnomer, is considered unhealthy. Most health conscious people do not consider biscuit or candy to be healthy because they will have high sodium content. As Latin America eat smaller amount of food, he or she felt like eating chips will be a delight to have in small dosages. On the other hand, the advantage to marketing international untapped potential in the market and no competitor. The disadvantage is that saying it healthy when it is not appeals to Latin