Essay on Marlee Nicolas Final Exam Part 1

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Marlee Nicolas final exam part 1
Final exam question 1Case study the missed test I feel as if everyone played a role in Jane being dropped from the class. But Jane was the number one most responsible for her being dropped from the class. The reason why I feel that Jane is the most responsible is because she is the one who was taking the class. Jane should have known what she was getting into when she registered for that class. Now she was doing an “A” average on her tests and getting through everything else at this direction she would have passed the class. But she let her emotions get in the way of her class work. Here’s where she messed up she got a 65 on her practice test she needed at least a 70% to take the test. Then she listened to what shelly said which was a major mistake professor hepatea is who Jane should have listened to. Jane needed to read that syllabus again because shelly either got lucky or didn’t want Jane to get that written test. What makes Jane the number one responsible for her being dropped is she had a full week to retake that practice test. I know she has a personal life and other work to manage but she could have found time to herself to take that practice test again and get that 70, but she was careless and took the word of her classmate. She paid the price when shelly got a written test and she didn’t get a test she got a good taste of reality. Shelly was the second most responsible because she was not being a helpful classmate. Shelly should have encouraged Jane to retake that practice test even if she did get a 60 and was still able to get the written test. If she didn’t add her input to what Jane had told her Jane would have not been dropped out of the class. Albert was the third most responsible because he was under a lot of pressure from work. Then he started to ignore Jane he should have told her about his situation instead of ignoring her. The tension in their marriage was both their faults they should have overcome the tension by talking to each other. Then Jane would’ve past her practice test on her first attempt. Carl was the fourth responsible because he had added the pressure on to Albert Jane’s husband. As Albert’s boss it is Carl’s…