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The Early Life of the Marquis de Lafayette
The Marquis de Lafayette whose birth name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette was born September 6th, 1757 to his father Michel Louis Christophe Roch Gilbert Paulette du Motier ( also Marquis de Lafayette) and his mother Marie Louise Jolie de La Rivière in Chavaniac, Auvergne, France. His family line is one of the oldest and most distinguished in france, with connections to joan of arc's army and the crusades. The men of the Lafayette family are known for courage and chivalry. Lafayette's mother's family had a history with the musketeers and King Louis XV. Lafayette's father died on the battlefield when he was struck by a cannon ball. Lafayette was only three years old and
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When he found out about the American Revolution he disobeyed his King on coming to the United States and bought his own ship(1200 pounds). Upon arriving to the United States (North island near georgetown, South Carolina) he became close friends with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton. He was commissioned major general with the help of Benjamin Franklin. Many of the colonist were ordinary people who had no military experience so Lafayette trained the colonist to fight against the British army. His mark was made during the battle of Valley Forge. The battle of Valley Forge was a cold winter were many of the colonist were were low on supplies and were not dressed appropriately for the winter. Marquis de Lafayette noticed this and paid for his own troops, buying new uniforms and muskets. This was very important because many of the colonist were dying of a common cold instead of gunfire. Upon returning to France he was put on house arrest for eight days for disobeying the king on going the the United …show more content…
He had go to jail multiple times, was injured and continued fighting, trained many soldiers to fight, and disobeyed the king. Although he was French he was he was a key factor in achieving United States freedom from England. For example he disobeyed his own king and and came to America to help the United States. Upon returning to france, he was arrested briefly for his actions. He fought many battles during the American Revolution and led many of them. He played a major role in the battle of Yorktown (turning point of the american revolution). The battle he is most noted for is the Battle of Valley Forge where many of the troops were dressed lightly and were low on supplies, so Lafayette paid with his own money for new uniforms and extra muskets. He returned to france and fought for the rights of blacks. He also teamd up with thomas jefferson to write the “Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen”, unfortunately it was rejected by the king. He also participated in the french revolution where he was arrested for five years until release by Napoleon