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Marquis Jones
4A\4B Five Paragraph Essay: Parenting can be a source of enormous pleasure over a lifetime. It’s also a time consuming and demanding job. It’s a desire to parents to help their children with their basic physical needs; parents face a challenge of fostering the physical, emotional and social development of their child. Like most children, most parents are different. However, parents should have the three essential characteristics of a good parent which are love, flexibility and effective teaching.
Making a child fell cherished is the most important quality of an effective parent. Spending time with your child is good to help the bond and love connection between the parents and son or daughter. For example it’s okay to play your Childs favorite game or play a family board game with your children. Show your child affection through good words, hugs and kiss, fun jokes and quality times when you correct your child do it out of love and respect to teach the child the right thing to do or say at the right time and place. When you correct your child do it in a calmly manner, you are most likely to avoid using negative vocabulary to your child because you may make the child feel unacceptable instead of just the behavior.
Effective parents all teach their children both directly and indirectly but especially by example. The parent should model the traits you want your child to follow or learn. Good manners respect and friendliness. Set your rules and enforce them. For example set a specific time for homework and bedtime. Good parents praise good behavior shown by the child, but you also have to give strict consequences for mistakes or bad actions and behavior like no game, phone or television for a week. Encouragement also plays a strong role in being an effective teacher or parent. Children that are exposed to learning habits at a young age tend to have a better advantage or bigger step forward than other in their academics. They also tend to have a stronger vocabulary than other average students at their level. It’s good if children’s is exposed to learning at a young age.
Having good standards doesn’t mean that a good parent is rigid. As your child grows from infant, toddler, teen and adult, their wants and needs change along with their body. Parents shouldn’t compare one child to another and the rule should shift to match their