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John Doe
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8 April 2014
Literary Analysis – One Hundred Years of Solitude Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is an old saying describing the differences between men and women. It is a topic that researchers have investigated on a cognitive and behavioral level between both sexes for decades now. One Hundred Years of Solitude is a good example of the contrast between the men and women of the Buendia family and how the repetition of their personalities mimics those they’ve descended from. Although the author Gabriel Garcia Marquez tells the story from the time Macondo is discovered to a century later, the occupants tend to have the same fate of their ancestors based on their gender and name. Analyzing the men of Macondo starting with Jose Arcadio Buendia to his great-great grandson Aureliano, they have the same fate on striving to reach success and then are brought down low towards the end of their life. It’s interesting and made me question if the fate of the Buendia family was based on coincidence or a biological factor of their genes being passed down? In Ursula’s’ case, she would agree it’s biological factor stating, “Children inherit their parents’ madness” (40). Either way, the Buendia men seem to be accustom or drawn in partaking in incest, wars, and isolation. Jose Arcadio Buendia is introduced as an energetic man and the founder of Macondo. Unfortunately, he later isolates himself and sets the unfortunate tone on the fate passed down to his sons and grandsons. Although Jose Arcadio Buendia is a man of strength, curiosity, and knowledge, it seems the isolation of Macondo is what possibly drives him mad. It also gives first glimpse the Buendia men only think for themselves and their success since Jose Arcadio Buendia became obsess with his laboratory and cared less on the welfare of his family. Jose Arcadio Buendia’s fate brings Marquez’s title to light that solitude leads to his tragic demise. Jose Arcadio is the first-born who is described as having his father’s character and physical strength, but lacking imagination. Jose Arcadio later runs off with a gypsy leaving his unborn son. Although Jose Arcadio has similar characteristic as his father, it’s satisfying to learn he isn’t following his father footsteps by marrying a family member and settling in Macondo. Eventually, when Jose Arcadio returns, the book describes him as being a full-grown man who traveled around the world sixty five times. Again, I was anticipating with Jose Arcadio’s return, he would not mimic his father’s footsteps since he would be well traveled, but Jose Arcadio develops his own form of isolation. Although Jose Arcadio never goes mad similar to his father, he does marry Rebeca, whom his family and himself consider as family. With Jose Arcadio’s return to Macondo and marriage to Rebeca, it is not surprising to learn his fate. Similar to Jose Arcadio (I), the family line of Jose Arcadios suffer the same fate as they are born strong sociable men who learn to dominate are later faced with being killed in unpleasant ways. Similar to the Jose Arcadios, the Aurelianos have the same personality traits in that they’re withdrawn and solitary. Although the Aurelianos are known for being distant, they also have moments of dominance where they make an ever-lasting impression in the town of Macondo. Colonel Aureliano Buendia is the first child born in Macondo. Aureliano is a silent adolescent that keeps to himself, but evolves to a man that becomes head of the Liberal party against the Conservative government. With Colonel Aureliano finding his voice in passion of the Liberal party’s rebellion, I anticipate he would not have the same outcome as his father and older brother. Again, it seems his fate was decided when in Ursula’s’ womb. It is states, “He wept in his mother’s womb and had been born with his eyes open” (14). It is this quote; Ursula describes Colonel Aureliano of having the incapacity to love. Again, the…