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CCJ4700 – Intro to Research Methods
Fall Semester 2013
Dr. J. Christie Wilson



Throughout different civilization religion has had an effected on the way humanity looks upon punishment. This shows evidences that religion may have an effect on someone having a punitive attitude because the teachings that are writing in the bible, express the way humanity should live. For example in Exodus 21:15 it states that, “Whoever strikes his father or his mother shall be put to death”. By looking at this example it show that the bible has some harsh punishment. All the this punishment may not be display in today’s world, but it something that people may agree in terms of the logic behind the bible verses.
According to a journal entry states that, “The most prominent conservative religious writers advocate corporal punishment primarily if not exclusively to confront willful defiance, mainly by toddlers” (ELLISON, 1996). The Journal talks about how parents that believe in the word of Gob which comes from the Bible use corporal punishment as a way to discipline their children. Throughout out the years corporal punishment is been a huge topic because there is lot of people that believe that using corporal punishment on their children is not the way to guide a child to good behavior. Also on the journal talks about how people that are less involve in church use less corporal punishment then the people that actual are involve with the church. While children that get punish they believe that they tend to grow and use corporal punishment when they are parent and abuse their punishment. This is the way an action by parent change the attitude on children.

On the journal article, Parents’ Professional Sources of Advice Regarding Child Discipline and Their Use of Corporal Punishment the journal it states, “Parental decisions regarding child discipline are critical because a growing body of research finds that corporal punishment (CP), such as spanking, has been linked with a multitude of negative physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and neurophysiological consequences for children, such as increased risk for aggressive behavior, mental disorders, and being physically abused.” (Taylor,2012). The explanation behind this quote is that a survey was conducted to some parent and showed that some parent seek help or advise from a religious avenue end up using corporal punishment. Also the parents that use corporal punishment have been in some type of abuse when growing up. To study this conclusion research had to be done to see the affect religion has had on punitive attitudes.


Population and Sampling
This project contains of 4,739 random individual. The sample size that was given could possibly not be a great representation for the target population that we are targeting. The reason behind this explanation is because the sample size could possibly not be an accurate representation of the approximated 7 billion people in the world. This individual where either married, divorced or never married and where of the age range between 18 through 89. The risk of a sample bias happing in this research project can have a tendency to happen. Getting married at such an early age can result on a high divorced rate. The group systematically excluded under 18 of age and above the age of 89. People younger than 18 years of age and older than 89 can potential mess up the hypothesis, because we don’t have the information of the people that are married under the age of 18 and older than 89.

The hypothesis that was gain from the data give can be stated, Religion cannot have an effect on punitive attitudes. The independent variable chosen in this