Marriage and Money Essay

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Shut up! Shut up! Why don’t you? I’m awake, I can hear you. Why do you have to yell so loud? I’m not lazy, I’m just tired and I’m sick of you. Stop it with your complaining already. Yes! I pawned the watch, we needed the money. You should be happy that I found a way to get us some money, but no you want to carry on complaining about everything I do. I look for a job as much as possible, I cannot help the fact that no one wants to hire me. And why do you always have to speak of my friends in a negative manner? I’m a poet so that means I’m an artist as well, did you think I was good-for-nothing when you married me? Give me credit, at least I’m trying.
Don’t worry about the rent, I’ll find a way to get the money someone, even if it means writing silly poems that no one will buy. Poetry is my passion, I’m sorry if it doesn’t bring in enough money for you. It brings in a little money and that’s fine with me. I took care of you years ago, it’s about time you took care of me. I’m still the man of this house and if I feel like wasting money on a drink then so be it. That’s my choice and I don’t want to hear another word about it!
I’m fine. I don’t want breakfast; you can keep your stale bread and black coffee. I don’t want it. Stop yelling! I’m almost dressed. Your voice drives me insane, just the sound of it makes me want to vomit. You call me selfish, but you are not too much better yourself. You know I have a drinking problem yet, instead of trying to help me cope with it, you attack me constantly. It’s okay though because soon it’ll all be over.
Please suck up your pride and go home. Go back to your family. I don’t care. And don’t you dare speak of my father in that tone! My father was a good man. You act as if your father was an angel sent from heaven. For God’s sake stop it with the criticism, it really does get old. I married you because I loved you, but you are too blind to realize it. For better or for worse, remember that? Or did you only marry me because of my money? Hmm, now that’s a foolish question. I would have been a great father, but I’m glad the thing was born dead too, because I probably would have killed him, so he wouldn’t have to deal with you and your mean spirit. Oh,