Marriage and Napoleon Bonaparte Essay

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born August 15, 1769 and died May 5, 1921 because of stomach cancer but there are many different story’s to why exactly he died one other is that he captured because the French government was afraid of him and they put poison in to the paper he would touch and eventually it killed him. He was born in Mediterranean Island of Corsica and was born into a minor noble family of Italian descent; the island he was born in was soon transferred from the Italian Control to French. When Napoleon was 9 years old he began to train as an artillery officer in France. He was certainly raised to be a soldier. Napoleon was married twice, the first time he was married it was to Josephine a 32 year old widow, when they got married Josephine already two children, Eugene and Hortense which he arranged marriages for both the children. Josephine secretly did not like Napoleon so when he would write her daily love letters she would reply and act like she missed him when in fact, she didn’t at all. When Napoleon would ask her to visit him while he was away she said she was pregnant, instead she was out going to balls and cheating on Napoleon. Finally one of Napoleons officers was sent to get Josephine willing or not willing. When she came to Napoleon he was excepting his pregnant wife, she lied and said she had a miscarriage. When Napoleon came home Josephine tried her best to pull herself together but as soon as he left to Egypt she was right back to her old ways, but Napoleon found out what she was doing… she wasn’t low. He began yelling and told her that we will have a public divorce with her and write about everything that she has done. When Napoleon had left Josephine for good she grew a deep love for him but he refused to see her and said that he will never be able to love anyone the way he loved her. Eventually they began speaking again and never got the divorce that was supposed to happen, but Napoleon began to not be committed and had many mistresses even though Josephine was now a committed wife. December 1805 Napoleon became the emperor of the French. Napoleon brought a special pope to Paris to let them get a divorce but Josephine “accidently” let it slip that they had never gotten a church wedding, only a civil marriage so to the church Napoleon and Josephine were never really married and had been living in sin all these years. So they had to get divorced a different way. Napoleon was very hurt from his first marriage so when he remarried he thought it only right to marry someone of high class so he married the eldest daughter of an Austrian emperor. Napoleons new wife was young, 18 so she was never as mature as Napoleons old wife, but Marie Louise, his new wife had a son which he had been waiting for, for so long. Their marriage was calm with nothing wrong but it was said that Napoleon still said he loved Josephine move then Marie Louise. Napoleon was a military and political leader of France. He made the Napoleonic code which allowed privileges based on your birth ranked status, freedom of religion, and specified that government jobs should go to the most qualified. The Napoleonic code was not the first legal code to be established, there was Codex Maximilianeus bavaricus civilis, Alleghenies Landrecht, and the West Galician code. Napoleon made a lot of mistakes leading him to his failure in his career. Napoleon was obsessed with power and money and was very greedy. He was best known for his abilities of leading successful army’s, and winning hard battles. Napoleon felt brave and believed he was better than everyone else. But every single one of his winning battles made him to want more fame and success, which is when everything went wrong with him. He made choices that were not good for France to have. His first great mistake was his Continental System. The continental system was new to everyone so it was hard for them to