Marriage and Rehabilitation Facility Essay

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Scenerio 1 1. I would say, I know that you don’t want to see me today but I am here to help you and Sophia. I would say so tell me what is going on. Do you and Sophia need anything? I would ask her how I can help her because she feels that she does not have a problem. I would let her know that she can get Sophia back but she must be willing to go to a rehabilitation facility to get help. I would help her to come up with a plan. I would ask her what she wants to do in life. Then we would need to set up goals to accomplish it. I would also make sure once she has completed rehabilitation that she has a mentor and attends meetings for substance abuse. 2. Sophia probably feels angry at both her mom and the system for having to be away from her mom. Sophia’s mom may feel ashamed because she has not been able to overcome the addiction.
Scenerio 2 1. I would bring him a blanket and let him know that this is his blanket. I would tell him that I would love for him to come inside to have dinner with me. 2. I would ask John to tell me something he is good at. I would let John know that I am here to help him and that there is nothing wrong with getting help because everyone needs help every now and then.
Scenerio 3 1. I would ask Juan to tell me about his family. I would ask Juan what is the difference between being here and at home? I would ask Juan to tell me about your responsibilities at home. 2. I would speak with the parents about how they meet and how…