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How husband and wife can improve their relationship.
Relationship can be stronger if needs surrounding it are met. Husband and wife need to invest in each other in order for their relationship not to weaken. When they have a good feeling about each other, it increases their desire and helps motivate the intimate relationship. Improving relationship could be in various ways. Among which are respecting each other, communicating, loving and caring, truthfulness. Furthermore, working together and forgetting each other’s shortcomings should be considered in improving relationship.
Spending enjoyable time together can also improve their relationship.
Respect is one of the key aspects of strengthening a marriage. It is very important for spouses to show respect for each other. Treating each other in a respectful manner solidifies relationships. There has to be respect when talking, planning, arguing or making decisions. Supporting each other and valuing each other’s opinion when making a decision that may eventually affect both of their lives is very important in maintaining and improving spousal relationships. Sometimes, it is important to defer to another’s strongly held views or wishes as this shows a sense of sacrifice and also because it may be the other person’s turn next time. Being respectful does not always mean being subservient especially if it is reciprocal. This allows a stronger marriage to flourish, as no one feels inferior in the relationship.
No matter how much respect there is in a marriage, if there is no understanding of each other’s values, whether culturally, politically or religiously, there is bound to be friction in it and this may prove insurmountable and lead to marital strife or divorce. The world is increasing a global village and so it is inevitable that people of different backgrounds would marry. It is very important for such couples to seek understanding of each others mores and values as this will go a long way in helping them have a good relationship. For example when it comes to raising kids, parents with different opinions would need to come together to reach a compromise on how their children would be raised.
Another way to strengthen the relationship between husbands and wives is clear and effective communication. An effective communication can be achieved by saying what is on each other’s mind. Listening to understand each other’s point of view is a very vital skill in effective communication- this clears any misunderstandings and ensures that the person being listened to feels their opinions are valued and not just dismissed. A key part of good communication is the avoidance of excessive blame allocation; rather, it is better to focus on finding solutions to problems. Avoiding apportioning