Essay on Marriage and Respectable Indian Man

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BAWLS nnnnnnnnnnnnnn n nn n nn n nn v v v v kd k ekf dkf ksk ks kf skdk dsk ks dk What if one day you woke up with a passion to play a sport and then your parents say you cant play? Jess; the main character, has a love for the game of soccer. She is amazing at it, that is her natural born talent. Though, on the downside her parents do not see that. Jess' parents do not want her to keep playing and they do not want her to play during soccer or to make it as a professional player. They try everything that they can to try and get Jess to quit playing. But, what her parents do not understand is that when you someone loves something so much, no matter how hard you try to pull them away, they will never fully let go. To continue, the conflict between Jess and her parents is that, they do not want her playing soccer. They come from a very traditional Indian culture. They feel that she needs to abide by the Indian culture and religion and not break any of their very strict rules. Jess respects her parents culture and beliefs but, she just wants to go out there and make a life for herself. Jess' parents want her to go out and finish school, get into a good college, find herself a nice respectable Indian man, get married, and have children and be the wife she is supposed to be. So, in trying to do that, they try every possible way to not get Jess to play. At one point, they even command her to stop playing though, of course that doesn't quite stop