Marriage and Rick Rellen Essay

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The setting of the book takes place in Stratford town and the time period was from 1980-1999 in the Spring time when there were lots of flowers the days were getting hotter. Alice is 15 years old with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. She’s average height and also very smart. She’s not a risk taker and likes to think about her decisions before she makes them. She’s also very sensitive and emotional.
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Another main character in the story is Alice’s father. His name is Marc Robi and he’s 39 years old, he’s a very organized person who is a neat freak and likes to write a lot. Another character in the story is Alice’s mother. She is very caring and Alice means the world to her. Alice’s mother was married to Marc Robi but they divorced and now she’s about to marry Rick Rellen.
Page 3:
Alice parents had been divorced for a while. Alice wanted to spend some time with her father so she went to live with him for a couple of days. One day when there was no school Alice was doing her nails and suddenly Alice got a phone call from her father, he told her to go the milkshake place that they always go to and bring him a file marked T.W.I.N. He asked her to drive his corvette even though she’s only 15 years old and doesn’t have her license, but she agrees.
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She took a shower and was about to leave and suddenly several minutes later she hears somebody break into her house. She first was relieved because she thought it was her father, but soon she realizes that it’s not. She hid with the disk under her dad’s car as she hears the guys saying “I killed him good.” She didn’t know what it meant but she knew that it wasn’t good. When they left Alice was frightened and drove really fast to the milkshake shop to meet her dad.
Page 5:
Alice went inside the milkshake shop and ordered a coke and a shake. She was waiting for so long and her father had still not arrived. She began to worry about him. Where was he? When Alice went back to the car to wait some more she turned on the radio the news was saying that she had that she had killed her father and confessed to it over email.
Page 6:
Alice was very confused and afraid so she called her mother. Her mother was shocked and didn’t believe her. Alice was very upset and began to cry. The news was telling the world that she was driving a corvette and the way she looked, so she decided to go to the mall and change her clothes so that people wouldn’t recognize her.
Page 7:
Alice had to get away, fast! She went to a collage and pretended to be a student because she had nowhere else to sleep. She hid there for about four days. She then read the file her father left with her and found out that her father wrote about his life and the life of his twin brother who died. According to Marc Robi, his twin brother was killed by his boss because he was afraid he would tell everyone company secrets.
Page 8:
The boss’s name was Dick Arren and she realized it sounded a lot like Rick Rellen. She figured out that the boss and the guy who killed her father were the same people. It was Rick Rellen the guy her mom was going to marry! Alice went to Rick Rellen’s house to look for her mother and warn her.
Page 9:
Her mom wasn’t there and before she could get away Rick saw her.…