Marriage and Spouse Essay

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Marriage is a big commitment for everybody, some people can commit to their vows and to their marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing in our life cycle. It’s what the spouses do for each other that makes it beautiful is how they treat each other. The reason why marriages work is because the couples understand each other. Marriage makes a relationship stronger. The best part of marriage is that your spouse is just like your best friends. Deadly they are someone who is honest and will be there loved ones when they are falling apart. A person who knows their spouse more than anyone else does. Married couples should treat each others like they are each other best friends. They can tell each other things without being worried that they will be judged and without starting an argument. Some married couples joke around freely with each other because they know each other limits. Understanding your spouses make a marriage happy and strong because when you understand them that means you know when they’re sad, mad, and happy without them telling their spouse how they feeling and you can help them out by doing something. There might be less misunderstanding. It will be easier to comfort their spouse. Marriage joins two people that truly care about and love each other. Some marriages are built on honesty and help each other by picking up the pieces of the broken spouse to help them. Telling the truth is the biggest key because a simple lie can damage a marriage. Honesty can bring married couple closer together and can make a marriage stronger. A good marriage is no secret between two people who love each other because they trust each other with anything. When one of the spouses is falling is ready to catch them and comfort them. Tell them everything will be okay and that there spouse that they will support them when they need to be. Some married couples look attractive in front of their spouse reduces affairs in marriage.
Some spouses look good for man/woman can bring some sexual attraction into the bedroom and into a relationship. Some people in the morning wake up wanting to see their spouse’s beautiful smile in the morning. Some married couple met by physical attraction, 78% of people