Essay on Marriage and Trust Worthy Wife

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Essay #4 Meeting the one for you is tough in life, there are few signs that you look for but it’s extremely hard. There are certain attributes or characteristics that one may like more than the other. I like a trust worthy wife who is not so materialistic and care about her family and the people around her. For me simple is better than complex. I believe that trust is a key factor for a long and happy marriage, there shouldn’t be any secrets which normally cause lots of un-needed trouble. When you have trust, you know that there is nothing hidden and whatever is between you and her is real. Another huge factor is that she has to be family oriented; she has to love her family and people around her. She needs to care and provide as much as she can for the kids. She needs to be fun and have pleasant personality and likes to socialize and be active in the community. I am looking for a simple girl who’s not so complex and materialistic. Simple girls see the true meaning in life and don’t just focus of items and things, and brands. The generally focus more on having fun with the family and trying to enjoy their life as much as possible. I feel like that’s the type of girl that will make me the happiest and our marriage will last till we die. The will be up for more adventures and would love to travel and see the true world. We will have memorable experiences that we both will treasure forever. It will overall be a happy and long lasting marriage.